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Pyramids have long been associated with majesty and mysticism. Their enigmatic construction and spiritual purposes helped shaped their lore—lore that continues to this day in, of all places, Northern Illinois.

In 1977, James Onan designed a house modeled after the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and built it on an island within an old gravel pit in Wadsworth, IL. While the house was certainly impressive, the island itself was as ordinary as could be.

Then, after construction was completed, a massive spring appeared at the center of the island and began to flow, filling the pit in just a few days. Despite his best efforts, Onan could neither discover the source of this spring, nor impede it. The origin was a mystery, and its appearance something of a miracle.

And it has continued to flow ever since.

In 2001, Onan began bottling the spring water and selling it in his gift shop. To him, the water was merely a novelty, and yet demand for the water quickly grew. Customers claimed the water had health benefits and healing powers. They returned again and again, leaving a puzzled Onan to reevaluate the significance of water source beneath his home. Hungry for answers, he began researching the ancient pyramids, and hit one geyser of a story.

  • In ancient Egypt, there existed a legend about a very special source of water which offered remarkable healing benefits to those who drank from it.

  • Around 800 AD, an Egyptian ruler by the name of King Anoon broke into The Great Pyramid of Cheops in search of treasure. He and his army scoured the entire structure, finding nothing. However, the king claimed that a well shaft filled with water ran through the center of the pyramid. Historians now say such a thing was impossible, as the water table in that region was far too low.
  • In 1,000 AD, a massive earthquake hit Cairo, damaging many mosques. To rebuild these mosques, Egyptians used outer stones from the Great Pyramid, altering the pyramid’s shape forever. Water was never again found in the pyramid.

Then, over 1,000 years later, Onan builds his pyramid house, modelling it after the Great Pyramid’s original, pre-earthquake shape. And within a few months, another mysterious water source appears where there should have been nothing of the sort.

  • Could the water source of legend have been the water in the Great Pyramid’s well-shaft?
  • Could the treasure King Anoon was searching for have actually been that water?
  • And could that water have made its way to Onan’s pyramid house in Northern Illinois?

With these new facts pulling at the corners of his mind, Onan realized he could no longer ignore the spring’s significance, and decided to give the people what they wanted. His pyramid water may or may not be the pyramid water of legend, but after employing a team of scientists to test the the spring, there is now undeniable proof that the water is chock full of naturally-occurring, biologically essential minerals.